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We believe health should be viewed from a Christ-centered and holistic perspective that includes the mind, body, and spirit 

to maximize one’s overall health. Our passion is to counsel and educate others so that they may discover and reach 

their fullest potential, whatever that may look like for them. Our facility will offer all-natural services that incorporate one’s overall wellness in one place. 

HEBE Healing Spa

Hebe Holistic Healing Spa offers a relaxing oasis of calm. All natural ingredients are used 100​% of the time to avoid using harmful manufactured chemicals. Every ingredient has bee​n thoughtfully selected so that from the moment you walk in the door you’ll be immersed in a climate of complete relaxation. Come experience and discover the health benefits of natural skin-care with a personal touch.

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Bria @ 940-230-4388 

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Mouser Counseling and Consulting Services

We each have a unique responsibility and privilege to live a life that has been purposefully created and designed specifically for us. 

My passion is to counsel and educate others so that they may discover and reach their full potential, wh​atever that may look like for them. We are created to be so much more than what today’s world offers.


Specialized in individual and group counseling for adolescents and adults.

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Stephanie Mouser @ 940-293-4043 ext.101

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Holistic Chiropractor

Come experience holistic Chiropractic care which includes muscle testing and powerful low force and energy techniques to bring the body into alignment. One's physical, emotional and spiritual well being all contribute to optimal health and to various forms of dis-ease. You will also receive education about how the body works and, most importantly, how to achieve and maintain optimal health!

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Dr. Jane @ 940-594-1406

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Integration Massage

Do you have physical pain and discomforts that keep you from living life to the fullest and doing what you were created to do? Come experience a specialized style of massage therapy called postural integration. This style of massage utilizes Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains model to help people get out of pain by posturally aligning the muscles and soft tissues. It incorporates stretching and deep diaphragmatic breathing to facilitate that postural alignment, get the body unstuck from the old movement patterns, allow good blood flow, assist brain-body connection, 

relieve pain, and more.

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Jenna @ 940-642-8370

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Breedlove Counseling

My approach to counseling is holistic, looking at all aspects of life as they bear weight on your life experience and struggle. I specialize in providing counseling from a biblical, Christian worldview, incorporating prayer, biblical principles, and scripture into counseling sessions with the client's consent. I believe finding joy on your unchosen journey is possible and I would be honored to walk with you, helping you make sense of life, and reconnecting you in your relationship with God and others.

Specialties: Christian counseling for women and young couples, premarital, 

grief and loss. Trained in EMDR.​

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Carrie @ 940-448-0298

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Dr. Painter is passionate about helping people restore function and balance in their bodies so they may fully enjoy life. Her chiropractic specialities include Activator, Thompson, Webster Technique, Active Release Technique (ART), and NeuroKinetic Therapy. These techniques involve gentle, effective interventions to optimize nerve, muscle, and joint function. Recognizing the effect of breathing mechanics and core stability led Dr. Painter to pursue advanced training in corrective strategies for the diaphragm and other core musculature. 

She is particularly enthusiastic about 

caring for women during and 

after pregnancy. 

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Dr. Painter @ 940-594-1406

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